Design & Technology Book - Australian Primary Schools

pages unitsDesign and Technology in Today’s World: A First Look introduces Australian primary school students from Year 3 to Year 6 to the building blocks of Design and Technology (D&T). These building blocks are presented as 8 units of study, each supported by activity sheets.

Design and Technology is the problem-solving processes used to satisfy the needs of people, such as food, shelter, communication and travel. We use Design and technology to solve problems in our world. For example, using Design and Technology, dams are built to store water for drinking, farming, hydroelectricity and future drought needs.

Design and Technology in Today’s World; A first look, is an invaluable tool in teaching Australian primary school students the foundational principles of design and technology. It is flexible to suit individual teacher’s teaching styles whilst developing the building blocks for true problem solving and best learning.  It also provides easy to understand explanations of what Design and Technology actually means in simple to comprehend terms. The graphics and the book’s layout, along with the Activity Sheets make this book a useful, practical text.

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