Dear Professor Baz,

Thank you for your text book Design and Technology in Today’s World; A first look. As a teacher already in service when this new subject was introduced to the Primary School Curriculum, I have found it to be very helpful. Previous resources I have accessed to assist me in teaching this subject have predominantly utilized a S.T.E.M. approach. Where this is interesting to students, they have lacked the experience or understanding of foundational principles to knowledgably solve the problems within the projects. This approach becomes a trial and error approach that in general saw my class copying the one “good idea” that emerged, defeating the purpose of the activity.

This text book, Design and Technology in Today’s World; A first look, is an invaluable tool in teaching the foundational principles of design and technology. It is flexible to suit individual teacher’s teaching styles whilst developing the building blocks for true problem solving and best learning.

The way you have structured this text is both informative and flexible, especially considering it can be used across four year levels. It is also adaptable to be used in conjunction with other resources, such as S.T.E.M. projects.

I believe students will find the colour and graphics of Design and Technology in Today’s World; A first look very engaging.

Thank you for this valuable resource.

Julia. (B. Teach, B. Ed).